Attendance Policy

Daily attendance is critical to academic and artistic engagement, development, and achievement. Frequent absences limit an individual student’s performance and can also have an impact on the learning of others. School staff, students, families, and the community share responsibility for student attendance.

To ensure student safety and accountability, families have the responsibility for notifying the school about their students’ attendance.

Attendance notifications must be made by the parent/guardian.

If you are familiar with using our Attendance Hotline, you may skip over the greeting by pressing the number 1.

Attendance Policy Details

Attendance will be taken in the first 10 minutes of each period.

A parent/guardian must report all absences, late arrivals or requests for an early release by calling the school attendance line at 651-222-3200 by 9:00 AM the day of the absence. Students who are 18 must still have a parent/guardian report all attendance matters.

Please include the following information when reporting an absence:

  1. Parent/Guardian Name
  2. Name of student
  3. State relevant day (Monday-Friday) and date
  4. Reason for attendance change
  5. Provide a phone number for verification of absence


Students who arrive late must sign in at the main attendance desk of the building they are going to (Lowry or Wilkins Studios). Students who were approved for an early release must stop by the Lowry main desk to pick up their Early Release Pass (which gets them released from their class) and then they must sign out of the building prior to departure. Please note that failure to sign out prior to departure constitutes an unexcused absence, regardless of reason or prior approval. Please note that staff are not available to run early release passes to classrooms. Students are responsible for picking up their own Early Release Pass from the Lowry main desk well in advance of their designated departure time.

A signed handwritten note from a parent/guardian will be accepted and verified. Absences not reported within the designated notification period will not be excused. All parent/guardian notes will be verified.

SPCPA also uses a generic, pre-recorded message that is sent via a telephone automated system to contact families of students who were marked absent from one or more classes. This automated message is sent out one time per day (each afternoon following the end of the school day).

If after receiving the automated attendance alert a student states that they were in class and believe they may have been counted as absent by accident, the student should speak to the teacher and the teacher can then request to have the attendance changed.

Excused absences may include illness (with a doctor’s note), doctor’s appointments (with a note from the doctor’s office), religious holiday, extreme family emergencies, sanctioned arts and college visits.

Any absence reported that does not fall under the excused absence descriptions will be counted as an unexcused absence.

We do NOT accept attendance-related notices via email.