Bus cards

The majority of our students take Metro Transit buses and trains to and from school each day.

Visit the Metro Transit website to plan your routes to/from school and J-Term venues.

Bus Card Info for New Students

Students joining SPCPA as a new student should stop by the Lowry stairwell office to obtain a bus card if it is needed for transportation to and from school. All new students will need to complete and sign the Metro Transit Code of Conduct. Payment methods accepted are cash and card only; sorry, no checks.

Youth Lite 10-Ride Pass

Students who reside WITHIN St Paul District boundaries may elect to use a Youth Lite pass which has 10-rides pre-loaded onto it. This particular pass is free but may be used only for travel to/from home and school. Every 10 rides students swap out their used pass for their next one.

Unlimited Ride Go-To Student Pass

Families who pay for the full year up front at the beginning of the school year in August don’t need to do anything for the rest of the school year. The student keeps and uses the same bus card for the duration of the school year.

Full Year Payment is due by the end of the second full week of school.

Families who elect to pay for each semester separately will make payments in September and January. Your student KEEPS and uses the same bus card until the end of the school year. There is no change to the physical bus card (students don’t get a new/different card); you’re simply exercising the option to make two payments instead of one.

Semester 1 payment: due by the end of the second week of Sem1
Semester 2 payment: due by the end of the second week of Sem2