SPCPA’s Theatre Department offers students training geared toward the serious aspiring theatre artist. Using a wide variety of both traditional and cutting-edge techniques and methods, students are guided in their education by working artists who help them realize their potential.  The Conservatory’s training is modeled on college-level B.F.A. acting programs, and as such, graduates of the Conservatory’s Theatre Department transition easily into arts programs at post-secondary institutions.  Each semester, students take an acting class which focuses on their overall artistic growth, two courses that address the development of the student’s vocal and physical instrument, and a Theatre Studies course that offers them a scholarly perspective on the art form. Students have multiple opportunities to share what they are working on in class in formal and informal settings.

To see the four year plan of coursework for the Theatre track, please CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE.


Theatre Faculty

Genevieve Bennett Theatre Department Chair bennettg@spcpa.org
Jay Eisenberg Theatre eisenbergj@spcpa.org
Alex Barreto Hathaway Theatre hathawaya@spcpa.org
Suzy Messerole Theatre messeroles@spcpa.org
Aaron Preusse Theatre preussea@spcpa.org

Theatre Program Handbook

CLICK HERE to view the Theatre and Musical Theatre Handbook in PDF format.

Theatre Grading Guidelines

CLICK HERE to view the Theatre Grading Guidelines, including the Daily Five, in PDF format.

Theatre Rubric

CLICK HERE to view the Theatre Rubric in PDF format.