The Dance Department at SPCPA offers students from all backgrounds rigorous, culturally relevant, joyous training geared toward the serious aspiring dance artist. Professional working artists guide students on their journey through the program, helping them realize their technical, artistic, social, and intellectual potential. Throughout their time at SPCPA students study a range of dance forms including: Modern/Contemporary, Breaking, West African, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Vogue, Contemporary Indian, and Funk Styles. In addition, Improvisation, Composition, History, Anatomy, and Production courses encourage students to contextualize dance socially and historically; explore their personal movement identities; and develop their emerging choreographic practices. While at SPCPA students can take advantage of many performing opportunities, including formal and informal showings, annual J-Term concerts, and the senior choreographed and produced capstone performance. 

Students graduate from the dance program with broad experience in physical movement practices as well as the tools to work hard, think critically, and collaborate openly. These skills, manifested through a deep and embodied awareness of themselves, allow students to confidently transition not only into post-secondary college dance programs or professional dance practices, but whichever professional field of study awaits them. No matter what our graduates go on to pursue after SPCPA, they quite literally move in and change the world through dance.


Dance Faculty

Alexandra Eady Dance Department Co-Chair
Laura Osterhaus Dance Department Co-Chair
Gabrielle Abram Dance
Lisa Berman Dance
Bruce DeMorrow Dance
Stephanie Fellner Dance
Penelope Freeh Dance
Franco Holder Dance Accompanist
Joseph James Dance
Judith James Ries Dance
Erinn Liebhard Dance
Florencia Pierre Dance Accompanist N/A
Djenane Saint Juste Dance
Darrius Strong Dance
Joseph Tran Dance

Dance Program Handbook

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