To Honor

In the fall of 2010 Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists opened The Lehr Theater.  Housed on the ground level of the Lowry Building in downtown St. Paul, SPCPA’s new performance venue recognizes Twin Cities theatre legend and the school’s Artistic Director Emeritus, Wendy Lehr.  Ms. Lehr was the architect of SPCPA’s unique training program, in which students learn from professional artists working in the fields of theatre, dance and music.  Inspired by Ms. Lehr’s excellence as both an artist and educator, the guiding vision of The Lehr Theater is to support the balance between preparation and performance while providing a path from student to professional artist.

To Perform

In accordance with the vision, The Lehr Theater serves as an instructional space and performance venue, providing a place for students to experience the artistic process firsthand. In classes and rehearsals students hone their skills, practice collaboration and develop a commitment to authentic artistry. In fully mounted productions, complete with lights, sets and costumes, students learn the value of preparation and feel the exhilaration of performance.

To Connect

As stewards of this vital space, SPCPA may host professional dance, theatre and musical ensembles, making The Lehr Theater accessible to select organizations seeking a platform for their work, and encouraging the integration of students into these professional engagements. Mutually beneficial partnerships with Twin Cities arts organizations will nurture the connection between student and artist upon which SPCPA is built.