The Instrumental Music Department prepares talented and motivated students for a range of successful music careers and for admission to the finest colleges and music conservatories in the country. Students in each of the three Instrumental programs will take four years of Music Theory, Composition/Song Writing, and Music Reading.  Every student will rehearse in large ensembles, small ensembles, and have the opportunity to explore solo work. Eurhythmics, Ear Training, Keyboarding, and Music Production supplement the core curriculum. Each year brings performance opportunities for the students.

The Instrumental Music: Contemporary & Jazz program serves students on all instruments.  Students will engage primarily with contemporary and popular music as well as music from the standard and contemporary jazz repertoire, though every genre of music will be explored.  A focus will be placed on the creation of new music.  There are no standards to meet in order for students to gain entrance into the program.

The Instrumental Music: Small Ensembles program serves students on all traditional symphonic instruments.  Students will engage with music from both the classical and contemporary chamber music repertoire.  In order to gain entrance into the program, students must have their own instrument and be able to read music.

CURRENT STUDENTS:  a link to the Google Site will be posted here once updated. 

Instrumental Music Faculty

Michael Vasich Instrumental Music Department Chair
Alma Engebretson Instrumental Music
Adam Levy Instrumental Music
Mike Salow Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music Curriculum

To see the four year plan of coursework for the Instrumental Music track, please CLICK HERE

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The updated Instrumental Music Student Handbook in PDF format will be posted here.

Instrument Donation Drive

Do you have an instrument collecting dust on a closet shelf?  We have gifted student musicians who are desperately in need of instruments! We are looking for woodwinds, brass, and percussion.

How to donate: Simply contact us by using the form below

Your donation is tax-deductible. Simply include the donation and estimated value on your itemized tax form. “You may deduct charitable contributions of money or property made to qualified organizations if you itemize your deductions.” (IRS Publication 78)

Thank you in advance for considering a much-needed charitable donation of instruments to help build the SPCPA Instrumental Program!